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 Gingers Karaoke provides hosted karaoke or karaoke/disco.

 If you are looking for a mobile disco on a budget then please read on.

I can provide a large regularly updated music library.

 & 57,000 +  karaoke tracks.

I'm happy to use your playlist or to play music based

on your tastes and take requests on the night.  99% of my music is stored on a hard drive so I don't rely on streaming services for music or karaoke. No matter where you hold your party I will have access to thousands of music and karaoke tracks.

I am also happy to work alongside bands or solo performers and  have the facility to allow solo guitarists and or vocalists to use my sound system. My mixer desk has dedicated guitar inputs and delivers excellent sound for any performer.

       I use a quality professional  sound and light system,

      wireless mics and 19" LCD screen.

All  you need to bring  is yourself and you have everything you need for a good time.

I have several reviews from happy customers who say that a good time was had by all. I work hard to ensure everyone has an enjoyable time and will send you a music preferences questionaire to allow me to ensure I play the music you want.


  Equipment is PAT compliant.          public liability insurance held for £10,000,000.