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 Gingers Karaoke provides hosted karaoke or karaoke/disco.

for photos and videos  please visit my Facebook page

 If you are looking for a mobile disco on a budget then please read on.

I can provide a large regularly updated music library.

 & 57,000 +  karaoke tracks.

I'm happy to use your playlist or to play music based

on your tastes and take requests on the night.

 99% of my music is stored on a hard drive

so I don't rely on streaming services for music or karaoke, no matter where you hold your party I will have access to thousands of music and karaoke tracks.

       I use a quality sound and light system,

      wireless mics and 19" LCD screen.

All  you need to bring  is yourself and you have everything you need for a good time.


  Equipment is PAT compliant.          public liability insurance held for £10,000,000.